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Sterling OMS & Infrastructure

Sterling offers the fastest, most reliable OMS to streamline your operations and increase efficiency.


Set and update pre-trade risk controls, manage and interact with order flow and positions in real-time via either the STT REST API or advanced OMS Console.

2,000 Orders Per Second

Scale your business with the ability to support up to 2,000 orders per second.

Single or Multiple Clearing Firms

Clients can utilize STT’s OMS across single or multiple clearing firms.

Compliance Reporting

STT OMS supports end-of-day compliance reporting and detailed trade reporting to seamlessly integrate into existing back-office processes.

Global Connectivity

Sterling’s infrastructure solutions offer global connectivity to multiple exchanges and trading networks along with on demand custom development solutions.

Sterling OMS

The Sterling OMS is a high-performance order processing system. It offers real-time balances and positions, advanced margin methodologies, customizable risk controls, broad reporting capabilities, and a network to market destinations are all available to customers.


  • Low latency technology with high capacity and throughput
  • Real-time account balances and positions published via REST API, streaming, or direct UI
  • Ability to create and update accounts in real-time including setting margin and risk controls
  • Streamline operations with automation via API
  • Key features such as order preview (what-if?), order handling rules builder, order review and release window, and smart order routing wheel

Sterling OMS Admin Console

Sterling OMS Admin Console is the dashboard and control panel for the OMS’ operations and workflows.


  • REST API Connectivity - All listed features below are available to support streamlined operations
  • Robust API allows access to all features and controls available in the admin console.
  • Account Management – Ability to create accounts and update settings in real-time
  • Risk Controls – Pre-trade risk controls for market access and custom rules-based order review
  • Compliance Controls – Integrated equities borrow features, day trading monitoring, and order marking
  • Pre-Trade Margin Calculations – Comprehensive margin logic supporting Reg-T, Portfolio Margin, etc.
  • Pre-Trade Option Margin – Advanced option margin methodology applying Universal Spread Rule
  • Real-time Activity Monitoring – Single order sequence of message status, responses and trade records
  • Real-time Balances Monitoring – Credit balances, margin and cash balances, and risk exposure levels
  • Historical Activity – Forty-day history of all orders and trades
  • Order Routing Controls – Manage venues, set-up automated re-routing, and use order wheel routing
  • Firm Level Controls – Risk configurations that establish controls across a firm or group
  • Account Level Controls – Risk settings that enable establishing controls unique for each account
  • Order Entry Window – Enter orders on behalf of any account at the firm
  • Commissions – Brokerage commissions or transaction fees applied to every filled order

Advanced OMS Functionality

Enhanced Pre-Trade Margin Calculations for Options

Ability to calculate pre-trade margin calculations for options including utilizing the risk reducing properties of spreads

Rules Engine

Ability to define custom rules for pre-trade checks

Notional or Fractional Quantities

Satisfy your customers’ needs to trade in less than whole shares

Advanced Order Types

Support of conditional orders for advanced trading strategies

Routing Wheel

Distribute order flow based on defined rules or randomly

Order Preview

Provides the ability to view credit and cost impact of orders to help investment decisions

Review and Release

Define rules results for a second look at orders

Algorithmic Orders

Ability to use algorithmic order types with several providers

Risk Controls

Select from a menu of order validation and risk exposure pre-trade controls

Cryptocurrency Trading

Connect to a major crypto trading and clearing service

Sterling OMS Overview

OMS Snapshot

Data Center Location:

Secaucus NY4

Peak Message Rates Supported:

Up to 9,000 messages per second

Order Latency:

Less than 1 Millisecond

Hours of Operation:

2am EST to Midnight EST

Instruments Supported:

US Equities, US Options (single leg and multi-leg), CAD Equities

SOD Files Supported

Buying Power, Positions, Easy To Borrow, Non-Standard Margin

EOD Files Generated:

Clearing Files, Daily Trade Blotters, Order Lifecycle, Custom BD Reports

Platforms Supported:

All Sterling platforms; Third-party Fix APIs; Graybox; EZX; Succession; GoTrader; MarketTrader; ETNA; Valdi; Flextrade; DAS

Drop Copies Supported:

Inbound and Outbound Supported via Fix 4.2 for all instruments.

Risk GUI Available:

Yes. GUI available both for full risk control or in “view only” mode.

15c-3 Risk Controls Supported:

All 15c-3 Risk Controls Supported

Position Management:

Risk GUI allows clients full position and order management at both aggregate unit level and individual account level.

Pre-trade / Post trade Risk:

Aggregator risk controls are pre-trade; Post trade risk available with integration of Sterling Risk Engine (SRE)

Reject Notifications:

Orders that do not pass risk checks are rejected back to trader with easy to understand reject text notification.

Order Routing Controls:

Orders can be routed based on Aggregate Unit, Individual Account, Platform, Symbol, Listing Exchange, TIF, Order Type, Time and Price.

APIs Supported:


Pre-Trade Controls Matrix

Aggregate Unit Control Individual Account Control Equities Options
Order Side Marking
Buying Power/Margin
Night Buying Power Control
Complex Option Margin
Portfolio Margin
Margin Based on Price NO
Margin Based on Symbol
Max Loss
Average Daily Volume (ADV) Filter
Duplicate Order Check
Max Price Variation from Bid/Ask
Max Symbol Concentration
Set Options Levels Approved
Pattern Day Trading Controls N/A
Per Order Control – Max Quantity
Per Order Control – Max Notional
Per Order Control – Max Price Threshold
Per Order Control – Max Open Orders
Symbol Control – Symbol Blocking
Symbol Control – Minimum Price Restriction
Symbol Control – Maximum Price Restriction
Position Control – Max Long Position Value
Position Control – Max Short Position Value
Position Control – Max Open Notional Value
Rules Engine Pre-Trade Check
Trading Network

STT’s deep trading network allows you to integrate with exchanges, trading networks and clearing firms worldwide.

Trade Reporting

Sterling provides client reporting solutions to seamlessly integrate into your back office processes.

Start-of-Day Data

STT can accept Start-of-Day data for all client accounts via automated upload.

SOD Position Uploads:

STT can load start of day positions for each client account from the clearing firm of record.

SOD Buying Power/Margin Uploads:

STT can load start of day account buying power or margin for each client account from the clearing firm of record.

Easy to Borrow (ETB) Lists:

STT can load ETB lists to determine which securities are easy to borrow for shorting in client accounts.

Locate Lists:

STT can load lists of securities that have been pre-located by the client for their accounts.

End-of-Day Data

STT has the ability to generate End-of-Day data for all client accounts via ftp or file transfer.

Trade Reports:

STT can generate a nightly trade blotter that includes all executed trades and associated trade details.

End-of-Day Position Reporting:

STT can generate a position report to show all ending positions in each client account including account, ending position quantity and position price.

Clearing Firm Files:

STT can generate end of day Clearing files based on the specifications of each individual Clearing Firm.

Compliance Reporting

STT has the ability to generate compliance data for client regulatory reporting to FINRA and the SEC.

CAT Reporting (Consolidated Audit Trail):

STT is fully certified for Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) reporting and can generate CAT reports and submit on behalf of clients.

SEC 606 Reporting:

STT supplies 606 data in standard IHS Markit format only. STT is not a 606 vendor.

Lifecycle Reports:

STT can generate Lifecycle Reports that provide timestamped details of all order activity, including when orders are sent, confirmed, executed, canceled and rejected.

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