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Sterling Trading Tech Adds Four New Clients To Its Cloud-Based Risk Management System In Q2

Sep 23rd, 2019

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CHICAGO – September 23, 2019 – Sterling Trading Tech’s (STT) cloud-based risk system, the Sterling Risk Engine (SRE), has gained significant traction in the industry during Q2 of 2019 with the addition of four new clients which will be utilizing Sterling’s cloud-based system. The new clients include three large clearing firms and a Chicago-based proprietary trading group. One of the clearing firms is replacing current risk products.

The Sterling Risk Engine (SRE) provides sophisticated analytics in a RaaS (Risk as a Service) solution. Sterling is a leading proponent of RaaS. The SRE continuously calculates the OCC CPM, based on TIMS methodology for each account as well as having the capability to set specific firm specific house rules.

RAAS allows for on-demand analysis in near real-time as opposed to scheduled batches. RaaS also does not require a substantial hardware investment.

“We are starting to see firms be proactive about adopting modern risk technology, replacing older technology with new real-time systems delivered via the cloud”, states Ravi Jain, STT’s Director of Risk and Derivatives.

STT’s is a leading provider of compliance, risk and infrastructure products to the global equity and equity option market. STT also has an emerging business in futures and options on futures. STT’s integrated solutions encompass both front and back end including, trading platforms, risk, compliance and infrastructure products and services saving clients both time and money.

“Our clients’ needs are evolving”, states Andrew Actman, Director of Business Development. “STT provides customized solutions based on our client’s needs, helping them operate more efficiently and safely which is crucial in todays’ market.”

The Sterling Risk Engine was launched in Spring 2017 as one of the first commercial risk tools to utilize sophisticated, quantitative and big data techniques to manage risk in real-time with a cloud delivery model, to easily monitor market and credit risk with minimal hardware or software requirements.

About Sterling Trading Tech ( Sterling Trading Tech (STT) is a leading provider of compliance, risk and infrastructure technology solutions for the global equities, equity options and futures markets. With over 100 clients with thousands of traders including leading brokers, clearing firms and prop groups in over 30 countries to trade international financial markets around the world, STT provides solutions tailored to clients’ needs including links to over 80 execution venues in the U.S. and currently processes 5% of the daily U.S. equity volume. STT is committed to providing fast, stable technology along with outstanding customer service.

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